Our Human Resource Services

Human Resource Services Provider

As an entrepreneur or a business proprietor, you must be familiar of the fact that in order to run a business, products and services are not enough. Along with various administrative and accounting tasks, human resource administrative tasks are equally important and should be managed properly. These tasks include staffing, keeping-up-to date with the employee laws etc. The success of the department depends solely upon its human resources. A vehicle needs fuel to run, analogously an organization needs human resources to run the show. Human resource is the main driving force behind a successful business endeavour.

Tunysys, an India’s no. 1 human resource services provider work on the ideas of maximizing the potential of each and every employee along with enhancing the skill levels of all the people in the organization.

We guarantee you to enhance the efficiency of your prevailing resource. Reduce your burden of HR tasks by availing our market leading solutions. The feedback of our clients’ are that we save them money and satisfy them with effective services. We can do the same for you!!

Our objectives:

  •  Employing the right people for the right post.
  •  Exploring the right training program for the employees.
  •  Encouraging the workforce.
  •  Measuring their work efficiency.
  •  Management of employee payroll.
  •  Usage of best strategies that will assist people in giving out their 100% performance towards the overall success and growth of the business.

Tunysys, three models of HR services for success:

  •  Customer-preferred environment followed by transactional services.
  •  Integrated hosted technology and services on a Process-as-a-Service (PaaS) model.
  •  Transactional services on customer-owned technology environments.

We achieve our objectives by using our wide range of tools, methodologies and activities that includes:

  •  Service delivery models.
  •   IT and infrastructure (including a strategic alliance with SAP).
  •   Process and transformation tools.
  •  Analytics and third-party vendor administration.

For Tunysys, human resource services are not just about administration tasks, but it contributes in enhancing the organisational performance. Our solutions are designed primarily to improve your HR performance, reduce costs, and ensure compliance. We can offer the accurate assistance as per your company, employees and diversity of benefits.

Why choose us:

  •  We are a competent digital marketing company that aims at tackling all of your business challenges effectively.
  •  We make the ultimate utilization of all the technologies so as to serve you with the profitable solutions.
  •  We are backed by qualified HR practitioners to execute all the demands of our client's.